Talon Thompson Realtor

My first real career was as a mortgage underwriter for the Royal Bank of Canada. I did this for about 10 years. I enjoyed the work and it was incredible experience, however it lacked the creative side I was craving for. The stability of a paycheque and all the perks were a huge benefit though.

Ultimately I left that position and decided to take the Web Analyst diploma program offered at UBC.

Upon graduating from there I took a position within the credit union system. In my spare time I created/designed many websites as a side business. Many of which are still going strong.

Concurrent to this, Ron and I designed our own brand of underwear and gymwear. I am still proud of that brand even after selling it off 5 years ago. Google Sweat Under Gear and we still rank up there in the searches.

All of those past experiences have a huge impact on how I add value to my real estate clients.

After my long career with the credit union system ended, Ron and I were in Victoria as Ron was competing in a Bodybuilding show. While here that weekend competing, we made the decision to go back home and sell our townhouse and buy a home in Victoria.

I am an island boy at heart. Born in Nanaimo. Spent my youth traveling to the island hundreds of times to visit my huge family of aunts, uncle’s, cousins and my grandparents.

As some of you know I’m a physique competitor (currently on hiatus – might make a comeback in 2020) having done 5 shows 5 years in a row. I am a certified fitness trainer (obtained my certification through ACE), however I don’t train other people. I’ve won various medals and I’ve also come home empty handed. It is really about the journey and meeting the amazing other competitors. As well I enjoy inspiring other men in my age group.

I am a cosplayer and make all my own costumes. Some of them very elaborate. Check out my Instagram feed for more on that.

Currently as well as being a realtor, I run a very successful Airbnb business and I work PT as a junior landscape designer in Ron’s office.

Other notes; been married for 11 years. Still going strong with the man I love. We are wheaten terrier daddies, one of which (Jig)was a show dog. Yes, there were even times Jig was competing in the ring at the exact time one of us was competing on stage. I’m a bit of a home body and don’t really enjoy travel much, but the occasional jaunt to another land is always fun.

I’m sure that’s just scratching the surface but gives you a bit of a taste to who I am.

Totally forgot to mention: I love to bake. Mostly cakes and cupcakes. I also enjoy making other fun desserts. See my IG (my prefered SM account) for pics of my baking creations.